Isaiah Tadros

Actor | Singer | Dancer

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Broadway World Showcase

Check out Isaiah being featured on Broadway World!  BroadwayWorld is a theatre news website based in New York City that publishes daily coverage of Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional, and international theatre productions. The website publishes theatre news, interviews, reviews, and media coverage.

Broadway World has been compiling showcase videos from college seniors all around the country. Although their performances were cancelled, the show must go on-- virtually!

UC Irvine B.F.A. Showcase

As some of you may have heard, the BFA c/o 2020 Showcase Performances for March 24th and April 6th have been POSTPONED. BUT THIS IS NOT THE END! We will be playing things by ear along with the rest of our country and when the moment presents itself, we will be sharing with you all soon.  Until then, we will still be creating content and sharing what we can through our Instagram page, so if you haven’t followed it already, please do so! Our handle is @ucibfa2020.


We know many of you are hurting by the effects of the current state of things in more ways than one. Remember that it’s the arts that uplift, comfort, and will ALWAYS rise again.  Thank you all for supporting us through the years, we are so lucky to have you lifting us up and cheering us on so we can do what we love. We are eternally grateful.

Setting Dreams in Motion

Check out a feature from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts on Isaiah and his trip to New York in 2019!

"It takes strength and courage to be an actor, because there is little stability and a lot of rejection. But it is that first love, that rush that comes every time he walks on stage that keeps Tadros rooted in his dream. In his work both at UC Irvine and NYSP, Tadros has proven himself to be one of these devoted artists. “I think it is something you have to pour your entire self into. There are so many opportunities out there but limited spots. Something we talked about was always tapping your heart and making sure that your heart would shine no matter what.”